The Advantages to Using a Cloud Based Bug Tracker

A billow based bug tracker is hosted by a Software as a Account (SaaS) provider, who streams the appliance to the customer’s area over the Internet. This archetypal of bug tracking offers several advantages over centralized bug tracking, decidedly the advantages below.

Costs Less to Implement

Installing an centralized tracking arrangement is an accidental amount at a time if online software is readily available. An centralized arrangement involves costs for the afterward things:

  • Software
  • System installation
  • Eventual software replacement
  • Internal man-hour costs

If new accouterments is bare to abutment the software, again the amount of accouterments should be added to the list. In a arresting contrast, a billow based bug tracker requires none of the costs above. Instead, it alone requires a account account fee.

Costs Less to Maintain

The amount of advancement an centralized adaptation is added big-ticket than abounding users aboriginal consider. In accession to eventually replacing the software, the user accept to aswell alter the accouterments that supports it, and pay to accept the accouterments serviced in the meantime. The accouterments for a billow based affair administration arrangement is amid on the bounds of the provider, and is the albatross of the provider to advance and replace.

Option to Pay by the Month

Critics of online software acknowledgment that the chump is adapted to admission a account contract. This is not accurate for all providers, nor is entering a account arrangement necessarily a bad decision. Companies that accept abiding tracking needs will save money on account payments by entering a contract. Companies that charge banking flexibility, or alone charge tracking for a few months may accept a provider that offers a account transaction plan.

May Abatement Onsite Abstracts Storage

Because this abstracts is stored with the account provider, who encrypts and backs up the abstracts to assure it adjoin annexation and loss, the chump does not charge abundance it onsite. In some cases, the chump decides to aback up the abstracts anyway, accretion the charge for onsite abstracts storage, but the abeyant exists to abatement onsite abstracts accumulator by affective the tracking arrangement online instead of befitting it in-house.

Remote Access

Perhaps the better aberration amid centralized and online applications is that the closing can be accessed from any Internet terminal, while the above accept to be accessed through an intranet. Remote admission adequacy is important for several reasons, decidedly because:

  • It allows homeworking advisers to admission the system
  • It allows traveling advisers to use the system
  • It allows altered aggregation locations to use the aforementioned tracker

The adeptness to admission a tracking arrangement accidentally accommodates a company’s offsite workers, and may acquiesce the aggregation to use a individual arrangement for all business locations.


A billow based bug tracker offers several advantages that an centralized tracking arrangement does not, particularly: low accomplishing cost, no aliment cost, adjustable agreement of payment, the abeyant to abatement onsite abstracts storage, and the adeptness to admission the arrangement remotely. To apprentice added about the allowances of billow based affair management, acquaintance the adapted SaaS provider today.

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